Industrial Monitoring

Detect abnormal equipment behavior automatically to prevent unplanned downtime

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How it works

FojiSoft detects abnormal equipment behavior and helps you avoid unplanned downtime with machine learning

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  • Make machine learning (ML) models that are specific to your equipment using data from existing sensors

  • Monitor your equipment automatically and pinpoint anomalous sensors with speed and precision

  • Improve issues resolution by sending immediate notifications and automatically taking action when anomalies are identified

Use Cases

Avoid untimely generator shutdowns

Accurately track and be alerted to flow rates, temperatures, pressures, and oxygen levels to avoid untimely shutdowns

Recognize abnormal behavior in machines

Determine trends based on historical maintenance and sensor data on RPMs, flow rates, temperature, pressure, and vibration

Increase alert accuracy over time

Learn predicted operational usage trends to improve model performance and alert accuracy

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