Business Forecasting

Use machine learning to predict business outcomes easily and accurately

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How it works

AI-based time-series forecasting service for analyzing business metrics

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  • Optimize staffing to meet varying demand levels to increase customer satisfaction

  • Enhance capital utilization and make better long-term decisions.

  • Ensure inventory is optimized and waste is reduced through precise forecasts

  • Make millions of item forecasts to scale operations

Use Cases

Retail and inventory forecasting

Improve in-stock availability, reduce waste, and increase inventory turns by forecasting product demand

Staffing forecasting

Plan for high and low demand periods by forecasting workforce staffing at 5-minute intervals

Predict travel demand

Manage operating costs more efficiently by forecasting foot traffic, visitor counts, and channel demand

Forecast network demand

Forecast demand of voice, data, internet, and content services from their provider

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