Turn-Key, AI Driven Forecasting

FojiSoft makes it simple to continuously forecast time-series metrics. Now anyone in the organization can create, train, tune, and deploy forecasting. FojiSoft's forecasting works in real-time to deliver the forecasts you need when you need them. Its forecasting that works for you to deliver a better customer experience, optimized operations, and the ability to anticipate future changes.

How AI driven forecasting could make your data work for you:

·       Identifies future revenue and cost trends
·       Increases reliability by predicting incidents before they happen
·       Maximizes business growth and demand
·       Creates accurate budgets
·       Helps reach sales quotas
·       Improves inventory and labor management

Screenshot of Foji Monitor
Screenshot of Service Level Agreement view

Autonomous Monitoring

Utilizing anomaly detection, FojiSoft is capable of monitoring data autonomously in real-time. Finding incidents in metrics before they can effect the operational environment, customer's experience, and the business's bottom-line. FojiSoft's machine learning processes millions of data points and learns the normal behavior of the data for faster detection of incidents and less noise.

What autonomous monitoring can do for your business:

·       Reduce mean time to detection of an incident
·       Maintain continuous availability of your operations
·       Detect customer impacting incidents like drops/spikes in page views, video buffer time, and page load times
·       Find sudden changes in production processes, revenue, costs, and customer traffic
·       Faster incident prioritization

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