Data Chaos

Organizations average 9+ different tools to monitor their business. Tools for business insights, application performance, infrastructure, user experience and more. Resulting in data silos, lack of situational awareness, and alerting noise that leads to persistent application reliability issues and data blind spots.

The real problems that come with too many monitoring tools:

·       Data silos blind the business from seeing their customer’s true journey
·       Too many alerts create fatigue and bury the lead
·       Data becomes inconsistent and impossible to derive valuable insights
·       Finding valuable insights becomes unscalable and expensive

Screenshot of Foji Incidents Application
Screenshot of Foji Incidents Event List

Build Order with Data

FojiSoft correlates events to find incidents and insights in real-time. Correlate all events, across all tools, to find all incidents and insights in real-time. Drive more value and more intelligence from your existing tech stack. Reduce noise and fatigue. FojiSoft creates the only actionable incidents your business will need for faster resolutions.

The benefits that come with event correlation:

·       Breaks down data silos so the business can see their entire operational environment and customer’s journey
·       Reduces alerts and fatigue up to 90%
·       Endless possibilities to find unique insights across the business
·       Find and fix incidents faster, like 50% faster
·       Reduces operational costs

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