Business Monitoring

Finding anomalies within metrics and identifying their causes automatically

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How it works

FojiSoft uses machine learning to diagnose business and operational anomalies

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  • Utilize machine learning to detect anomalies in business metrics accurately and reduce false alerts

  • Group related outliers together to identify the root cause of anomalies. Rank root causes by severity and summarize them

  • Monitor metrics and detect anomalies by seamlessly connecting data from storage services and SaaS applications

Use Cases

Analyze business performance

Track unusual variances in subscriptions, conversion rates, and revenue to avoid surprises

Optimize customer experience

Identify spikes and dips in metrics to better understand customer issues, churn rates, and the number of purchases and installs

Improve digital ad performance

Know when your campaign is overspending, underperforming, or encountering errors automatically

Increase user engagement

Analyze new user acquisition, app installs, in-app purchases, and retention to optimize user engagement

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