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AI for both your IT and OT Operations!

Organizations are realizing the need for AI to monitor and analyze their operations, enabling them to optimize their processes in real-time and unlock new opportunities for growth, competitiveness, and innovation.

Observability Chaos
Different monitoring tools used by the majority of organizations
Alert Fatigue
47% of organizations experience over 50k alerts per month
Downtime Cost
Average cost per minute of downtime
Business Silos
Of organizations say the disconnect between operations and business results in significant costs.

It’s time to make your data work for you!

You’re spending more money on data today than ever before but getting much less in return. FojiSoft puts your data to work for you.


Find unique patterns in your data, in real time.

Event correlation that automates the detection and alerting of incidents, creates incident priorities, and filters false positives and negatives.

Utilize machine learning and AI to quickly identify the severity and root causes of incidents and the necessary corrections. Measure the entire operating environment to eliminate data blind spots to resolve the incidents that hurt the business most.

Screenshot of Foji Incidents Application


Deliver a superior operating experience by monitoring your business.

Monitor your machines, IoT, customers experience, revenues, costs, and more with predictive analytics and anomaly detection.

Reduce expensive toil and enhance your organization's human resources to improve operational performance and innovate faster. Utilize predictive analytics to predict probable future events that may impact availability and performance and even proactively remediate those before they become an incident.


Analyze both operations and business data to detect positive business outcomes.

Visualize and explore all operational and business data under one roof – machine, sensors, revenue, costs, application metrics, traces, logs…etc.

Remove unwanted silos from your data to make easy access for anyone in your organization. Your data should not be limited to any specific people or departments unless you want it to be. With the no code data explorer, anyone can find the data they need to continuously create new profit driven decisions.


Build connections to your cloud, on-premises, ERP, MES, SCADA , PLC, property systems data to see time to value fast.

Connect to your data. Connect everything, everywhere.

Stop wasting time with lengthy implementations. Fast and easy connectors allow you to get to your data fast. Time to value takes hours, not days or months. You bring your own stack from Salesforce to AWS. No more blind spots in your data.

Developer Portal

Don’t let unique, proprietary data not get involved because a connector doesn’t exist.

Push and configure data directly into FojiSoft.

Leave no data behind. We have an API for that. Leverage our APIs to get all your data into one place so you can start finding unique patterns in it. Innovation is in the details, and the details are in your data. Let’s bring it all together and find out what Foji can do with it.

Bring Your Own Stack

Easily connect your stack today!


AWS Redshift





Google Analytics

Adobe Analytics

New Relic


and many more...

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