Create a dashboard

Dashboards and panels allow you to show your data in visual form. Each panel needs at least one query to display a visualization.

Before you begin:

  • Ensure that you have the proper permissions.
  • Identify the dashboard to which you want to add the panel.
  • Understand the query language of the target data source.
  • Ensure that data source for which you are writing a query has been added To create a dashboard:
  1. Sign in to FojiSoft, hover your cursor over Dashboard, and click + New Dashboard.
  2. Click Add a new panel.
  3. In the first line of the Query tab, click the drop-down list and select a data source.
  4. Write or construct a query in the query language of your data source.
  5. In the Visualization list, select a visualization type.

FojiSoft displays a preview of your query results with the visualization applied.

  1. Add a note to describe the visualization (or describe your changes) and then click Save in the upper-right     corner of the page.

Notes: can be helpful if you need to revert the dashboard to a previous version.

Configure repeating rows

You can configure FojiSoft to dynamically add panels or rows to a dashboard based on the value of a variable. Variables dynamically change your queries across all rows in a dashboard.

Before you begin:

  • Ensure that the query includes a multi-value variable.

To configure repeating rows:

  1. On the dashboard home page, click Add panel.
  2. On the Add a panel dialog box, click Add a new row.
  3. Hover over the row title and click the cog icon.
  4. On the Row Options dialog box, add a title and select the variable for which you want to add repeating rows.

Move a panel

You can place a panelon a dashboard in any location.

  1. Open the dashboard.
  2. Click the panel title and drag the panel to the new location.

Resize a panel

You can size a dashboard panel to suits your needs.

  1. Open the dashboard.

To adjust the size of the panel, click and drag the lower-right corner of the panel